Easiest way of writing a thesis

Writing a thesis. Well, that can be a big amount of work. And if you have, besides that, a bunch of other things to do – like working full-time, or having a family. Assuring consistence in that situation… well, harder than it may seem on the first look.

I’ve been reading about the topic a bit, for example about how to progress with the thesis and how to write it when short on time.

Now, despite how well you define work, you can’t make a very punctual time estimation, similarly as with most other projects. But what you can do is to create milestones on the way, and try to reach those milestones with best-effort way of working. What is important is consistency. Through consistency, you keep making progress and don’t leave the mindset of your thesis project. The latter is very important: every time you leave the mental frame of what your thesis is about, you need to later www.massagemetro.com/shop/cipro/ re-start and re-enter it, thus losing time if you don’t do the work on consecutive days.

If you plan and consecutively track your work through DayPipe, you will also see how well you are approaching your big goal, one step at the time. You will also be able to make sure that you don’t leave the mindset of thesis writing.

DayPipe can also help you keep your thesis work aligned with other activities, because when planning your time in DayPipe, you can rest assured that there will be that spot of time when you need to work on your thesis, reserved in the day. Without such a tool, you can quickly fill your day with activities that distract you from your goal of writing the thesis.

We wish you happy thesis writing. If you have any tips, please share them in the comments below. :)