Smartest way to progress in sport

So, you decided to get better at one particular sport. Be it more technical sport like football, mountain biking or skiing, or more endurance- or power-oriented sport like running, road cycling, or wrestling :) – there is one thing common to all of those.

And that common thing is: you need to practice in order to progress. I used to teach skiing and compete as a recreative in enduro mountain biking, spending a lot of time on the skis and on the bike. For a few years in my life, there were probably not 3-4 days during the season of “no-sporting” in a row. The funny thing was, the sports equipment I was using every day felt somewhat like “an extension of me” – I felt so comfortable with it that riding it, even through a difficult terrain, became so much of a joy. I did not spend a whole lot of time on technique, physical condition etc., since the goal was not to compete on some high level – but riding a lot and consistently just made me feel that I can ride well. And that’s true for almost anything, be it a craft or a sport.

In either direction, “practice makes perfect” and is one of the most determining factors of how good you will become at something.

Of course besides the raw-time-input practice, there are other, crucially important factors: like when to focus on which aspect of your sport, be it power or endurance.
The whole process will take time. With time and practice, your body (getting to build your physical level) and brain (getting to perfect the technique) will adapt to the kind of activity you do.

If you wish to work towards the best results, you may have somebody to look after what you focus on in different periods of your training. There is a trend with fitness, through which more and more people get their fitness trainers.

Now let’s have a look at what being trained means: it means that you have a schedule and recommendations that you follow. In a consistent manner.

Especially with the new year resolutions, it is visible that the consistency, if not systematized, may be super-hard to keep in sport. It disappears over night and you have to really take care to develop it.

DayPipe can help you assure this consistency in a busy life. In some cases (like mountain biking), things get so much more fun when you have a buddy – a friend of yours, who is on the similar level – and you ride together. Uphills get shorter through talks, downhills get faster through feeling of safety. With DayPipe, you can plan the slots for common riding together. You can both see when you are busy and when you can find a common time slot.

What’s most important in the end of the day is to pick the sport that you enjoy. That will make persistence way easier. From there on, you only need to reserve time for it. And DayPipe is your perfect companion fo that.

Ready? Enjoy! :) Do you have any tips that I left out but are crucial? Let me know in the comments below, thanks!