Smartest way to work remotely

Remote work is often one of the perks that progressive, talent-friendly, usually established companies offer for work positions with defined workflow. It’s easy to measure and see the results when the work-rythm is well established, and the amounts of work are often quite transparently visible.

But how can we achieve perfect organization in a workgroup of moving and scatteredĀ people? Remote working is a trend. There is more people willing to venture around the Earth while contributing to a team effort. And that’s fine.

Often, working on a project remotely is difficult, even if all the team members knew precisely what they had to do (and often they don’t). There are tools for remote communication, like Skype, for example. But as there are tasks that need to be done at a particular day, some of them taking a span of multiple days to complete, and when there is a dynamic of work-time, the things get a bit more complex. Especially if you also want to track the time which went into a particular project, in order to be able to estimate better in the future – and charge smarter for the past. :)

We, as a company, are headquartered in a rural area. Which means that some of our workforce is scattered quite far around – like, very far around. In some cases, it makes sense that some of our workers work remotely on a regular basis. That’s also one of the reasons why we developed DayPipe and quickly became fans of it – because it helps us manage and track the time of each of us in the team, seeing where we may fit in certain activities. Simply put, we are getting things done by the deadlines and are much better aligned by using DayPipe, even while working remotely

We use agile methodologies for teamwork coordination, and tools for feature and bug tracking and teamwork organization play a big role in our day-to-day organization. DayPipe is complementary for that, filling the gaps that arise when the team is working remotely and needs to synchronize on a day-to-day basis, and keep track of how we work.

That’s how we assure high quality and effectiveness as a scattered company. How do you do it?