Are you overworked, or just can’t avoid procrastination? Even though the cases are very different, in both of them you probably suffer because of the fact that the deadlines for some of the work you need to have done, come faster than you would like them to come.

Being a software developer, I personally always avoided procrastination and finished the things I had to do as early as possible. The approach worked well in most cases, when the work requirements didn’t change in the last days before the deadline. In such case, some of my time was wasted because the work was done early, and I had to do a bunch of things to do the last moment. However, the situations like that were not very common.
But things changed as more and more work started to come my way, and I had to handle it all. Even though I wanted to deliver everything as quickly as possible, there were simply too many tasks to have all of them done immediately, and I still had to estimate by when it will all be done.

Three things happened when I was overworked:
1) I had a hard time estimating by when the work can be done (by me and my new colleagues);
2) Having a lot of work on my plate, I always felt a burden to deliver everything on time, and it made me nervous;
3) I worked over-hours, which started eating my personal time to refresh, and dragged me further into being inproductive.

This is when the idea of DayPipe came across. We needed a “graphical” way to always see how much work is to be done, put our estimates together, and schedule things in the working time we had available.
DayPipe unloaded us of a lot of stress, and gave us a clear picture of what is ahead of us.

But even more: as we started using it, we also started producing a trace of what was done and how much time each task took – exactely what we needed to present to our customers along with the invoice for the projects we worked on.

By building a plan and track of todos, we not only got a calmer sleep, better estimations, and personal time back, but also managed to earn more from our time.

With other words, we got back control for our time, and started charging better for it. It was a win-win.

We believe that good deeds return, and that’s why we published DayPipe – so you too can get back control over your time. You can register for free here, and if you want to use DayPipe for your company, you will be able do that for a price of a beer every month – if you feel we deserve it. Welcome! :)