How to better use the most valuable resource: 3×3 matrix [with Infographic]

Being a small team with lots to do, at DayPipe we believe in the power of efficient organization. And by organization, we mean more than just a bunch of ideas and tools about how to manage time. In our opinion, efficient organization encapsulates a much wider aspect than just superior time management: it starts with setting the right priorities and decisions, continues with flawless execution, and results in making a positive impact on the world – both by enjoying what we do, and by producing results that impact the world in a meaningful way.

We believe that efficient organization starts with determining what actually needs to be done to fill the gaps, and finishes with executing flawlessly. Maximizing efficiency and having fun in the process should only be two parts of the equation, buy doxycycline usa which tries to describe how to do work.

This is why through the experience and improvement of our own workflows, we developed a simple matrix for organization optimization for small teams, just like ours – and probably yours. :)

The matrix consists of:
-> 3 aspects to consider,
-> 3 principles to follow (published on dayPipe blog), and
-> 3 apps/tools to use (published on Student Talk).

DayPipe application was developed as one of the missing tools in the matrix which today helps us achieve maximum efficiency.

Each of the 3 points from the matrix will be described in a series of blog posts, with some of those posts being published on our own blog, and some of the posts being published on other blogs.


Infographic: 3×3 time organization matrix

dayPipe Infographic: 3x3 time organization matrix
dayPipe Infographic: 3×3 time organization matrix